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He’s The Best Thing About MTA

Union Square Train Station in NYC

I have a favorite train conductor.

He’s usual on an older 6 train. The ones that are typically annoying during rush hour. They’re smaller than the newer ones and the spacing is weird so everyone ends up crowding by the door, which makes it hard for people to get on or off, holding up the train from leaving the station.

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Brick by Brick


When I first was laid off, I doubted who I was a writer, a blogger, and I wasn’t sure what I was doing with this site.

I’ve had a vision for it and now seemed like the perfect time to bring that to life. But was it worth the investment? I just needed a sign.

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Blinking Blue


I hate horoscopes.

I never know if something I’m experiencing is because of a seed planted by some weekly “reading.” Maybe, I was going to have a great day, then I read I was going to have a bad one, not to spend any money, so I didn’t, and now I have a hunger headache, making it a bad day.

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Today marks a year and a day in my first big girl apartment in the city. If we’re to believe my horoscope, this week is the perfect time to take care of home, making the necessary improvements, make it feel, well, like, home.

AKA spring cleaning.

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Dear New York, Show Some Compassion

I love this city, I hate it sometimes, too. In an effort to keep track of my feelings about the Big Apple during my time here I try my best to chronicle them in a letter to this crazy place. Welcome to Dear New York–a series posted monthly on the anniversary of the date I moved here. 

Wearing an oversized boyfriend coat and silver oxfords

I’ve been thinking, New York.

About the homeless people I encounter.

I don’t feel like I was every really mean to them. I give when I can, apologize when I can’t.

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