Susan Miller Predicted When I Would Find Love

Susan Miller Predicted When I Would Find Love Again

Susan Miller Predicted When I Would Find Love

If I’m being honest, I consult astrology, studying horoscopes, and moon cycles like a mad woman most when I feel unhappy. Maybe not unhappy but definitely unsettled, or rather, like I’ve settled and I know that this can’t be all there is for me. Back in February, there were two eclipses within weeks of turning 30, and according to astrologers, it was a really good thing. I just couldn’t see it at the the time.

“Eclipses happen every year, there will always be two, that’s just how eclipses roll, there are sometimes three, six months apart, every single year the universe has existed,” astrologist Chani Nicholas tells me, for an article I was working on at the time for Refinery29 (Wait! This is my first post since I started my new job! LIFE UPDATE!). “You can always count on them being every six months,” when, according to Nicholas, “we either start a new cycle of eclipse like in new signs, or like the ones that occurring now are resident with the ones that occurred six months ago.”

Susan Miller Predicted When I Would Find Love Again

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I selfishly pitched an idea that combined astrology, moon cycles, and shopping, reaching out to all of my favorite astrologers for the occasion. Specifically, I wanted to know what we could wear to harness all of the energy from the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States since 1979, but mostly, what it means for the universe and its inhabitants (read me).

Ayoka (or MysticxLipstick on Twitter), tells me “there are a lot of good things going on this year that are really propelling people to the point that they really want to be, so if there is a year that you really want to make your dreams come true, it’s going to be this year.”

When I chatted with Susan Miller, though, things got personal. “When’s your birthday,” she asks me. February 6. “What happened? Did you get engaged?” She was referring to the partial lunar eclipse on August 7 that also mirrored a celestial occurrence back in February.

Nope, quite the opposite.

I was talking to CBS about this, when something bad happens on a good eclipse,” Miller explains, “it’s for a reason, the Universe knows that you’re going down the wrong path and has to get you out of there. I read that it will do for you, what you can’t do for yourself.”


Your whole life is going to change with the eclipses. You’re going to be on your skateboard. It’s all going to work out,” she pauses for a minute before she continues, “yeah, it is. Oh boy, how old are you now? — I just tur— Oh, right, 30! So, you want to meet someone?”

Susan Miller Predicted When I Would Find Love Again

Miller confirms that my stars are finally aligning, “December, you’re at your best,” but tells me things will get even better yet. “Next year, Mars (the planet guides you toward your destiny) moves into Aquarius (my sun sign)…” Then the astrologer starts to yell to her assistant in the background, when will Mars be in Aquarius? Next year? It is October 16 to November 16? No, no, it should be September to November, I would think. She wants to know when love is going to get better? And she’s a little Aquarian.

Mars moved into Aquarius in May and will stay there until November 2018, retrograding back and forth. “Mars give your charisma and presence, in terms of people noticing you,” Miller tells me. “Don’t you worry a bit. Everything is going to work out.”

Susan Miller Predicted When I Would Find Love Again

And isn’t that the thing with astrology? You have to want to believe what it says about your life in order for it to work? Because I look to Miller monthly, I believe her. Sometimes you just want to hear you’re going to be okay. You know?

Now, if all eyes truly are going to be on me, what to wear?

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