Dior Saddle Bag: I Loved You Then, I Love You Now


Dior Saddle Bag: I Loved You Then, I Love You Now

Losing out on something you are fully prepared to buy is a different kind of heartache. I always hold out hope that I’ll get another chance. This is what I think about when people talk about ‘the one who got away.’

I don’t want to be all fake deep about a bag but, you know how I am about my things. (Spoiler: I like them a lot) I’ve not been in the best place mentally. I’m working through a lot and so maybe that means I’m seeing signs where there are none because I am desperate for something. Anything.


But again, this is about a bag. When I lived on 96th Street, I loved to walk by the Goodwill on 88th and Second. The store’s windows were always highly merchandised displays filled with fancy stuff its neighboring residents donated. Like, Birkin bags for $80 fancy.

One day there was a Dior Saddle Bag in the window.

It was $40 and perfect from what I could see from the sidewalk. I started calling around to learn the process to buy it. As with all of the Goodwill window displays in the city, items go on sale at 9 a.m. each Saturday, after which the window is restocked and the process repeats itself.

It’s obvious I didn’t get the bag by now, right?


There are two things to keep in mind here. One, I was out the night before my bag went on sale at No Malice Palace (RIP!) for Arianna’s birthday until like 4 a.m., and two, on Saturday, our friend from college was getting married in New Jersey. We had to drive two hours to get there. I probably should not have gone to sleep if I was really about this bag. I should have taken my drunk ass to get in line instead of trying to cheat the system and set an alarm for 6 a.m. to walk down. Obviously, this did not work out at all for me.

By the time I got up and dressed for this wedding, then walked down there, the bag (and just about everything else) was gone.

I thought about that bag for more than a year. Just about two. In a new apartment, further uptown still, I still thought about that bag. I would stalk it on eBay at night. Look at it on The Real Real. So when my mom said she had a discount code for The Real Real, I was more than prepared when she asked if I had my eye on anything.


A fella sure can’t make me fancy but my mom can (and does). She ordered the bag for me. It’s mine. I own it.

express-denim-jumpsuit-isabel-marant-platform-sandals-dior-saddle-bag-real-real-channing-hargrove-blog-channing-in-the-city-4Shop the look: Express jumpsuit ($48), J.Crew floral earrings, Dior Saddle Bag ($125 via The Real Real), Isabel Marant Étoile Zia Sandals ($120 via The Real Real)

I want to say something about that being a reminder of God’s timing but does it work with material things, too? Or is that shallow?




But I love my bag and I’m happy I have it. We look good together. Get ready to see me, my Dior, and the Isabel Marant sandals I’m wearing (another The Real Real find) all summer long.

  • First off, I’m so glad Channing in the City is BACK! Second, you and that bag are meant to be. Everything is as it should be, right?! 🙂

    • HA! Everything IS as it should be! I appreciate you reading, Boo 🙂

  • Erica

    Nice! I love the jumpsuit too.

    • Thank you! And HEY ERICA! So nice to “see” you 🙂 I hope you’re well!