In Case You Were Wondering, I’m Using Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Body Oil

I'm Using Bio-Oil All Over My Body Like I’m a Kardashian

In Case You Were Wondering, I’m Using Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Body Oil

I had the weirdest dream last night.

I’m not sure where I was, maybe in that KimYe kitchen borrowed (from producer Rick Rubin Buzzfeed discovered) to shoot whatever this is, with Kim Kardashian. I was keeping her company while she ironed clothes. Her nails weren’t painted and I thought that was odd. I asked her if they were buffed instead. She said no, that her fingernails were baked.

I woke up and texted myself a note to Google if the Kardashians’ are baking in some sort of a cosmetic sense.

I’m not a fan of the family, save for Kourtney and Scott. I’ve always loved Kourtney’s style (remember this post?? Or this one??) and collection of vintage Chanel handbags. I think Lord Disick is hilarious.

Because let me tell you, I can give those women literally nothing else. I say this to say that regardless of how I feel about them as a whole, I can not deny that they have pretty amazing skin. That’s why, as part of my ongoing quest to glo-up, I’ve actively worked a few things the Kardashians raved about on their apps into my cleansing routine.

I'm Using Bio-Oil All Over My Body Like I’m a Kardashian

For instance, reportedly, Kris Jenner told Kim to wash her face at night with a hot washcloth to take her makeup off and exfoliate. I’ve been using a hot microfiber cloth every single night. After dipping my finger into a jar of Albolene or whatever cleansing balm I have (I like Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter or Banila Co Clean It Zero Classic, too), I rub the greasy product all over my face, eyelashes and lips. Then I put the washcloth under hot, but not scalding hot water, ring it out, and lay it on my face before I start rubbing my skin in upward, circular motions.

Because I subscribe to the ways of the double cleansing method, I wash my face again with Cetaphil. This time using my Clarisonic, to get any leftover oil, dirt, or makeup.

I read that Khloe likes to slather her face with Bio-Oil, an orange-colored multi-use oil that claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin. It smells like baby powder and is super light. I like to apply it to my face after my toner but I can definitely see why Kim applies this to her body when she’s damp from the shower. I do it too on the days I want to feel extra lavish. Kourtney likes to dab Bio-Oil under her eyes.

I'm Using Bio-Oil All Over My Body Like I’m a Kardashian

Khloe also favors drugstore staple, Aquaphor. She puts it around her eyes in place of an actual eye cream. It makes sense because dark eye circles (and fine lines, too) come from dry skin so, guess what I started doing? Beyoncé and Nia Long go to bed greasy, too.

I mean, listen. These are things that I think about as someone who’s getting old(er). I have a youthful face that I would like to preserve and these Kardashian tricks are helping me do it. As a result, my face is brighter and noticeably more even.

But I do have to admit, tending to my face like a Kardashian feels a little bit luxurious. It definitely makes me happy each night. And aren’t the happiest girls the prettiest ones?

Whatever. Don’t judge.


What do you like to do that you think is helping your skin? Is anyone else getting their skincare routine from someone else’s Snapchat/App/Instagram story?

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