Versatile Natural Black Hairstyles


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Everyone always talks about the versatility of natural hair.

You can wear it kinky, curly, straight, in a fro, with a bow—you know what I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard about all the styling options, too.

Up until recently, I was fine with just wearing my hair straight. I have a hard enough time mastering doing that, why add something else to the mix? But I find myself wanting to do more. I cleaned my closet out last week, usually for me, a metaphor that means change.

Not just as my style is concerned but mentally, too.

This time I think it means I’m ready to take more risks. Now that I’ve got a new job, one that doesn’t have such a strict office dress code, I’m switching things up, way up.


For starters, once my blowout (my stylish standby) has gone limp—when the thrill, er, body is gone—I twist my hair into flex-rods overnight for a loose, messy wave that all the magazines are touting as “rich girl hair,” using Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Milk to finish the style.

My new favorite thing in life? Bantu knots. After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I will partially blow dry my hair, using Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In to add a little moisture to my strands. Then I’ll part my hair into big-ish sections, twisting my hair tightly until it coils, starting off with the base of my bantu. I’ve moved my wash day to Sunday so that while my hair dries in the knots, I can clean the bathroom, do my chores, twerk in high heels, the usual.

Once my hair is dry, I unwind each knot, rubbing the twist between my palms with a tad bit of Camille Rose Naturals Rose Curl Love Milk on them before untwisting each section. Once I have, I’ll pick it out. The first time I did this to my hair, I reached peak #hairgoals.


I looked like I was channeling Solange with her #CareFreeBlackGirl hair. I loved it.

Count me in for the versatility.

p.s. thinking of getting the ends of my hair dyed navy blue, what say you? Too much change?

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  • The beauty-lover in me totes wants you to go blue. There are so many fun temporary options out there. Go for it. I’m in such a hair rut these days. I’ve gotten back into braids and twists which are my go-to protective style but that’s about it. I’m slowly but surely re-learning my hair. (If that makes any sense.)