How to deal with writer's block.


“Have you been writing?”

As annoying as it is, I’m always grateful when Allan or Yasmein ask me that.

“I know you have pictures and you always have a story… so, what’s the problem?” Allan, not allowing me to make excuses about writer’s block.

“I know, honey, but you have to write through it. You’ll feel so much better.” Yasmein pushed in her soothing voice.

How to deal with writer's block.How to deal with writer's block.

Truthfully, I’m nervous to write. I realize that it’s like a muscle and I think mine is getting weak. I’m not really writing that much at work. I mean I am. But not creatively. And the style of writing is… different.

I’m just scared this is going to rub off on me.

Instead of actively writing to fight that, I’ve done nothing.

Which is hard to do in New York—especially with all the cool goings-on taking place all over the city (so much inspiration!).

How to deal with writer's block.How to deal with writer's block.

The amazing, constantly inducing FOMO thing about New York is that at any given moment, there is something cool and exciting going on.

I keep a folder in my email, where I put notes, email myself events and activities. That in itself can be overwhelming. Finding the time to explore New York properly instead of running from place to place.

This city’s charm for me, lies in the hidden gems sprinkled throughout the city. This community garden on Dean Street in Brooklyn is one of them. Allan and I were on our way somewhere else when we spotted it. “I feel like you should do pictures here,” he supportively said.  “Florals in the garden??”

I’m wearing my floral print in a way that I never thought I would. As a cropped top, that’s proving to be very versatile (RIP Piperlime) and with pannnnnntss.

The girl who once cried ‘pannnnnnnnts, I don’t own any pants!’ is wearing them and can’t get enough of this particular pair.

How to deal with writer's block.Wearing: Glamorous Crop Top// J.Crew Factory Drawstring Pants// Joe’s Jeans Prosper Open Toe Booties// Coach Portfolio// J.Crew Factory Necklace & Ring// Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Magenta

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If you’ve seen me IRL within the last month or two, chances are, I was wearing these pants. My mom got them for me from J.Crew Factory the last time I was home in May, and magically, they work for everything: 6AM flights to Dallas, 1:00AM car rides back from the airport, casual Fridays, weekday work wear, you name it, I’ve done it.

I also did Dallas.

And my blog was hacked.

I’ve been around. Just quietly, like a creep. Answering comments. Creating the graphics in the sidebar, footer and new previous/newer posts buttons. Oh! I finally updated my about me page, too.

How to deal with writer's block.

It feels good to be updating the actual blog again.

But mostly, it feels good to be writing.

  • It’s good to see you writing again. I also like the idea that writing is like a muscle. And this idea of florals in the garden. Nice. Go Allan!

    • Right, check him out! I really think it is, I stayed away from the site too long and then was scared to come back. It was so strange.

  • I completely agree with your comparison; writing is a muscle that needs to be constantly worked on, or else it just falls flat. I’ve been facing a similar problem, what with work and everything, I just did not have the time to write. I’ve been changing that, though, with writing more creative posts on my blog!

    I love your top, and ha! I’m in the phase where I say I don’t own any pants. I guess we’ll see what happens next, huh? Haha, have a good week!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    • Yay for writing more creative posts on your blog! Let’s keep each other accountable. HA! You may change your mind about pants. I have a feeling that you will. Hehe.