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Today marks a year and a day in my first big girl apartment in the city. If we’re to believe my horoscope, this week is the perfect time to take care of home, making the necessary improvements, make it feel, well, like, home.

AKA spring cleaning.


Adding touches of Spring to your apartment


It took a while for this place to come together. Now that it has, I’m working on my next project: a gallery wall using photos of my friends and travels, that I took myself.

And I still need round gray seat cushions.


Adding touches of Spring to your apartment


Little things like floral arrangements or lighting one of Glade’s limited edition scented candles for the spring after I turn on the kettle are just want I need. Not just to relax, but to get into a spring mindset. I used to make my tea in the microwave, but there is something so intentional about lighting a fire under a tea kettle. The whistle signals it’s time to let go. Inhale the aroma of my Rooibos tea and exhale my worries.

In my nicely scented apartment, thanks to the Glade candles instantly evoking uplifting feelings. In New York City. I can’t believe I wanted to leave this place.





Now, hopefully, this act ushers in spring. I’ve been itching to switch up my look and lose the chunky thigh high sweater socks but I need the weather to cooperate.

For now, I’m doing what I can–brightening my smile with a few goodies I learned about at NewBeauty magazine’s 10th anniversary celebration: gloMinenals Suede Matte Crayon in Sorbet, Go Smile Teeth Whitening Gel (whiter teeth in one week), and Supersmile Whitening Toothpaste.


I’ll report back soon with the progress of my teeth and gallery wall.

Hopefully, by then, spring will have showed itself.

  • @mskamille

    You’re apartment is just everything.

  • QueenRian

    Congrats!! Your place is fabulous just like you. I seriously live the pink and royal blue color scheme 🙂

  • Eugenia Russell Hargrove

    So chic!