Write the Life You Wish to Have

write the life you wish to live

Write the Life You Wish to Have

I remember when me and Brooklyn Boy first broke up, two things initially made it really hard.

One, I didn’t know what to do with my Saturday mornings. And two, he had the best chicken spots.

Now that I’m in my own apartment, Saturday mornings are the best. I curl up with my book or my laptop, sipping coffee, reading until a sentence triggers some sort of inspiration and I start writing in an ongoing Text Edit window.

How to Plan a Galentine's Day Party

One Saturday, I stretched my arms out and rubbed my face in my sleeve to get the sleep out my eye when I saw it. Write.

And I read the tattoo out loud. Write.

Write something girl, write. When all is said and done and you get to where you thought you never would, you’re going to wish you had a record of this.

How to Plan a Galentine's Day Party

The New York Times recently explored the idea of writing your way to happiness. The Times writer speculates that “the power of writing and then rewriting your personal narrative can lead to behavioral changes—and improve happiness.”

“The idea here is getting people to come to terms with who they are, where they want to go,” the article explains the theory. “I think of writing as a life course correction.”

My blog turns five today. To celebrate I made my place in New York official with a .nyc domain name. Look up at the URL box, I’m leaving a trail of sequins digitally at channinginthecity.nyc.

Here’s to honoring that here on the blog. Not glossing over the lows while looking forward and preparing for the highs.

This dream ain’t going to build itself. You’re a writer. You better write something. Writers write.

How to Plan a Galentine's Day Party

Well, that’s the plan, anyway.  Last week, Justine and I talked about our hopes for our sites, laying the groundwork for our empires while kicking off our Valentine’s Day weekend with a little Shari’s Berries.

Write the life you wish you had to have. 

How to Plan a Galentine's Day Party

Because, Kanye.    “You can still be who you wish you is, it ain’t happen yet, and that’s what intuition is.”

Oh, and I found a chicken spot. Chirpin’ Chicken is LIFE.