wearing a tulle skirt in NYC- 1


I bought myself a few very New York-centric things for my birthday: BaubleBar’s state pendent necklace (with a heart cut out over my beloved NYC) and Noir’s Gotham City stackable ring.

The idea was that it was it would reinforce the “brand” that I am trying to build as a very NYC-focused one, making me want to blog.

wearing a tulle skirt in NYC-2

Here’s the thing. I always feel guilty. I know that I can do more on my blog. I know that if I would be better about photographing my outfits, I could update more. I have, literally, tons of stories saved in drafts. I just need to outfits that correspond to the stories to provide the visual context. Free time is a push and pull between knowing I should actually be working if my laptop is open and catching up on all the shows I never seem to get to watch live.

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A visit to Hallie’s blog, Corals and Cognacs, freed me of such notions via gems she scored from Hilary Rushford–giving me my life.

“My friend and fellow blogger Hilary Rushford taught me the notion of creating seasons for our lives (at last year’s Pepperologie),” Hallie wrote. “Some seasons, you may be passionately enthralled in your work, blogging or hobby. In another, your priorities shift to places and people — saying yes, going out more, et cetera.”

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I am absolutely in a season of living. I have waited four years to feel this way and now that I do, I want to do everything with the people I waited long enough to meet. Not for nothing, my girls, are some of the most celebratingest people I know. Birthday? Took the bar? Broke up with your boyfriend? Job promotion? Manicure lasted a full week without chipping? All causes to ransack Arianna’s liquor stash and serve up a themed dinner.

wearing a tulle skirt in NYC-5

Wearing: Zara Jacket, J.Crew Long-Sleeve Crew Neck, Topshop Midi Tulle Skirt, Christian Dior Pumps, Tibi Clutch

Well, now that a not so new New Yorker,  I’ve got more of a handle on things, plus a new rent to pay for my studio apartment on the Upper East Side–I’m moving at the end of the month–and a sassy new hair cut. I can firmly say that I am entering into a season of *ss-kicking, er, hustlin’.

wearing a tulle skirt in NYC-6

wearing a tulle skirt in NYC-7

Just hold on. I’m coming home… to blog it all.