This is My Show, Buddy


This is My Show, Buddy

For all the talking that I do–I mean, I could literally never stop–I think I’m pretty private. There is a difference between being friendly and chatty and just telling everyone your business. It’s something that I struggle with, even on this blog. I constantly ask myself if I’m over-sharing. Is this I want something I care if strangers read? What about my mom? Or my boss? But I’m in love with this city and that’s something that I want to share with you all.


Wearing: Gap T-Shirt, Forever 21 Pants (similar), Zara Sandals, Coach Tote, BaubleBar Nameplate, Bauble Chain Link, BaubleBar Lucite Necklace

Here’s the thing, because there is no way of knowing what I don’t share, unless you really, really know me, it looks like I share everything. This presented a bit of a problem for me.

Brooklyn Boy wanted to know why I didn’t put a picture of us, him, specifically, on my blog or Instagram. I instantly hit him with the screw face. What is doing any of that going to do? And even though he said it isn’t a big deal and he understood why I didn’t, he kept bringing it up. Though, noticeably after he did something that I didn’t like.


It isn’t that he was ugly or I was ashamed of him. Quite the opposite: he was handsome, stylish (I want to say even more so than me), smart, and a complete gentleman. He’s pulled out my chair and once, I took my top knot down in front of him, and he scratched. my. head. So clearly, he was amazing.


But this is Channing in the City. So, it’s my show, buddy. You and everyone else, friends and family included, are the supporting cast. I didn’t impose on your life and tell you how to love me (unless you want to know and we can chat all day) or how to fit me in, I’d like the same. Please.

This isn’t to say that yall couldn’t have ever met him but well, when it felt natural. This is a personal style blog, after all. The clothes just happen to take a backseat to my words. Even great palazzo pants like these.


Was I being mean? You can be honest. How do you all determine what to share and what to keep for yourself?

Photos by Hallie Wilson

  • LOVE those pants and the way you styled them! Fab doll!


  • In love with those trousers, the print is amazing! Chic look sweetie 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  • I think this blog is YOUR baby, and you’re entitled to parent it however YOU want to! Especially when you look muy adorable and fly in those paaaaants! 

    • I love the way you said this. She is MY baby and I will raise her how I see fit. And clearly, it was too soon for her to be meeting anyone. 

  • Jin

    First! The pants! Epic! 

    Second, I don’t think that was mean – I’m always one for honesty. My delivery depends on how well a person knows me though otherwise I sound harsh b/c I’m soooo sarcastic. 

    Deciding what to share is kinda tricky these days with social media.

    • Thank you, Jin! I completely understand, I can be really sarcastic, too, I have a dry sense of humor, though. 

  • Love the pants!!! My opinion…NO you weren’t being mean you were just be very honest and if he knows/understands you or is getting to know you a little better he will understand and stay in his lane.  ( sorry if that was kinda harsh:( just my personality!!

  • Ok!! The outfit is amazing and your accessories are spot on!! Luv luv luv it!!! Secondly it’s your blog, you post whatever you want.  Personally I don’t think you over share. It’s usually about fashion, work or just some adventure you’ve been on,  it’s totally appropriate. I luv reading about your life♡

  • Photos are fab!! Your blog, your voice!! Nuf said!!

  • In this blog I’ve read about you breaking up with your computer, attending some fashion events and taking NY city by storm in your new job all very relevant to your blogging now nothing stops you from introducing whatever else you want to but you have to be comfortable with any new departure so it’s down to you.

    Christy of:

    • Aw, Christy! That was so sweet 🙂 We’ve been through a lot together on this blog! 

  • Love the outfit channing (esp the necklace)!!! I was just in new York I had so much fun!

  • Hey Channing, first of all I feel like it is your show so no I don’t think you we’re being mean. So many people alter themselves to fit what others want them  to do,be,say,think, so you being true to yourself in the ways that you do is wonderful and I believe that’s why people are so drawn to you! Do you girl!

  • I forgot to say I luv this look, initially I thought it was a skirt. I’m wanting the whole entire look! The hair amazing!

  • Love the pants! And no your not wrong for wanting to keep things private in your life. A friend of mine told me once, ” Don’t Speak someone into existence, you give everyone else the ability to answer questions that you haven’t gotten to learn”. So you guys should be in your bubble until your absolutely sure your ready to bring him to land.

    • Thank you! I love that! You’re right, we absolutely should be in our on little bubble. 

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