VIDEO: Holiday Looks that Transition from Day to Night


VIDEO: Holiday Looks that Transition from Day to Night

Three cheers for outfits that can go from day to night with quick switcheroos! That’s what’s going on in the above pic, bee-tee-dubs, we’re excited.

Considering that we are officially entering the home stretch this holiday season (tomorrow’s Christmas, OMG, when did this happen?!), you might need your clothing to pull double duty. Whether you starting your day out with your family and ending with drinks in a bar–no judgement, I’m sure your friends are with you, you need to be able to get the most out of your look.

And I understand that. So I present to you: the last video in the Macy’s Savvy Shopper installment with great tips from Hallie, Ashley, Tammy and I.  So don’t forget to turn the volume up and enjoy!

Oh, and after you watch that, head over to Hallie’s, she has cool behind the scenes pics. *Sigh* I’m really sad this is over. I miss those girls. And Macy’s. And New York.

So, who’s off to do some holiday shopping? I’m headed to the mall with my brother so he can buy my present, LOL.

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