Gibberish + See Me Play Stylist on


Gibberish + See Me Play Stylist on

Yall remember Ryan Leslie? What about his song “Gibberish?” That song was my iiiish senior year of college. Still is.

I thought of the song because I have hit command + A like three times now to start this post over. I just can’t seem to make sense of the jumbled mess that’s in my head.

So rock with me, hmmk?

J.Crew Factory Anorak
Forever 21 T-Shirt
Forever 21 Faux Leather Skirt
Hue Over-The-Knee Socks
Kelsi Dagger Huette Booties
Yk Beads Lion Head Necklace/Michael Kors Watch
YSL Lipstick #13

*Thoughts in my head when I look at these pictures*Give that skirt a rest already, sheesh… I wonder if my neighbors think I’m crazy? (that’s who I’m looking at)… Who cares, what is he back here for anyway… Why do you keep breaking out in the same spot on that samecheek?… You have church curls… Like really, are they big enough for you?… Cute shoes, though… and I really like that necklace.

Oh, and guys, I realize that my comments are being funky. I logged in to write this post and there were comments showing up that weren’t showing on the actual blog. I hope that I fixed it :-/

I’m switching servers and moving to WordPress, finally. (Praise you, Jesus) So bear with me, please. I promise she’ll–the blog–be worth it when she’s all shiny and new in her new home.

You guys want to see something cool? I said I wanted on camera experience and I was offered the opportunity to invade a reader’s closet and style one item, seven different ways. Look at God…

Anyway, the video is below or you can check it out here on Hello Beautiful’s site.

How’d I do?

Oh, to those on the east coast waiting on that skank Sandy, be safe!

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