Live @ The Apt

Live @ The Apt

I Googled my neighbor the other day.

I was taking my garbage to the trash shoot when I saw a box with his name clearly printed on it. He hadn’t ripped the label off. I memorized the name.

Have you ever thought about what your neighbors know about you? Without actually knowing you?

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Finding New York

Brookly stoops in the summer time

I started watching Seinfeld.

Call me basic but Wale made me want to revisit this supposed classic.

The show piqued my interest a bit on The Mixtape about Nothing. I was obsessed with More About Nothing and the subsequent snippets of the show the rapper provided. But finally, after The Album about Nothing, I started watching the show.

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How to deal with writer's block.

“Have you been writing?”

As annoying as it is, I’m always grateful when Allan or Yasmein ask me that.

“I know you have pictures and you always have a story… so, what’s the problem?” Allan, not allowing me to make excuses about writer’s block.

“I know, honey, but you have to write through it. You’ll feel so much better.” Yasmein pushed in her soothing voice.

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